#ROW80 – Round 1 – Check-in 5

ROW80 2019 – Round 1 – Check-in 5

Hi everyone!

Today was a bit off because our baby girl woke up in the middle of the night (teething probably). I was supposed to work on my goals but found it hard to concentrate so I focused on the house and wedding planning instead.

There’s still some blue from Monday and yesterday down there, so if you’re not inerested in my ramblings about the wedding preparations, feel free to scroll down to see what I’ve been up to in terms of writing. =)

Now for the girly talk (don’t get used to it!).
It’s the sales period over here in France, and we passed a bridal shop with a nice window, so I went in there in the morning to find a coat and ended up making a appointment with the seamstress to check all my outfit (which I had mostly bought online, I only got the coat and veil from her today). She was very helpful and I was finally able to try everything on and see the result (it was originally to help me choose the right veil). She even offered to iron the dress for me (she was supposed to adjust it too but it turns out it fits perfectly)! I feel so lucky to have encountered such a lovely, professional lady.

The rest of my free time was dedicated to the house, as there’s still a lot to rearrange in the family room now we’ve got rid of the wall in the middle. We finally found a way to set our furniture efficiently in the new space it created. Now we need to tidy everything as there were quite a few things we moved around…

So it’s a time full of changes, on a daily basis sometimes. It’s sometimes hard to adapt, especially when we know it’s a temporary arrangement, but I really like how we’re moving forward in everything. =)

How about you? Any change lately?  

Color code
Over 60%, I use various shades of green, 100% being this flashy green.
Purple is for projects that are currently on hiatus: dark purple means there’s still a lot to do while mauve is for projects that are well advanced.
Finally blue is for comments on my progress since I last checked in.
Hope you’ll enjoy these rainbow posts. 😉

  1. Self-publish short erotica.  (55%)
    – Add metadata: done!  100% (Completed on January 9)
    – Market the book:  30%
    ~ Illustrate & publish extracts: 6/6 illustrations; 3/6 sharing so 75%
    ~ Make a book trailer: Done! I’ll upload it by Sunday to show it to you. ^^ (Completed January 11)  100%
    ~ Share the book trailer on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon Author Central: soon!
    ~ Write a press release: 
    ~ Create the website page: 
    100% (completed January 1st)
    ~ Contact the book bloggers I know of that might be interested:
    ~ Compile the illustrated extracts on the blog: The post is ready and I will update it every week. =) 100% (Completed on January 14)

    – publish!  99% (pre-order status completed on January 13)
  2. Story Time series:
    * Goldilocks:
    – review and edit the guide:  6/15 parts (27%)
    – compile the worksheets separately:  40/71 (56%)
    – compile the games separately: 6/20 (30%)
    – publish the flashcards, games (2 collections) and worksheets : 0/4 (0%)
    – publish the guide on Kindle (and maybe other platforms?)
    – submit it too
    * Bat and Friends: 51/72 episodes ready to use in class and part of the guide done. On the whole, I’m up to  36%
    – make comprehension worksheets (two per episode) 102/144 (71%)
    – make grammar & vocabulary worksheets (one per episode) 0/72 but I created a template & took notes of the verbs we’re going to work on for 20/72 episodes so for now 14%
    – make tests 0/18 (0%)
    – write the lesson plans. 11/72 episodes (15%)
    – review and edit the guide. (0%)
    – publish on Kindle. (0%)
    * RWBY: Nothing new this time.
    – make flashcards: for now I use pictures from the internet and I guess I’ll work on the flashcards later as this is not urgent.
    – prepare worksheet/activities for season 1 episodes: 14.5/16 (91%)
    – rewatch episodes for Character Files answer sheets : 9/20 (45%)
    – actually create worksheets for trailers+season 1 (module 1):  1/24 (4%)
    – create tests for module 1: 0/6 (0%)
    – create games for module 1
  3. #52haikus2019 challenge
    – Share blog post by email to haiku associations and so on. FOund the contact information and will send the email soon.
    – Actually do the challenge! Here’s this week’s haiku, if you missed Sunday’s post:

  4. Compile #52haikus2018
    – reorganize the haikus by season: 100% (completed on January 5)
    – compile them into an ebook: quite a lot done here on Monday, I only have to reorganize the layout (I tried using PowerPoint to make a lovely pdf where the pictures are where I want them but then turning the pdf into a Kindle-ready file proved disappintingly limited, so I’ll switch back to my good old Word docx…^^) 75%
    look for a title:  100% (Completed on January 6)
    – make a cover:  100% (completed on January 6)
    – share the ebook: I hesitated on the way I would share the ebook, considering most of its content is on social media, but I finally decided to keep to my usual method and publish on Kindle because the making of the book itelf is another job and I added some extra poems, as well as full-size HD pictures.  10%
    – create the on-demand paper version: For this I might use my original pdf made from PowerPoint. For now, I’m not even sure I’ll publish both versions at the same time and I want to focus on the ebook. 0%
  5. Japanese coursebooks:
    Hanashimashou: Nothing here these days.
    – correct and revise lessons. (6/90) 7%
    – make review sessions: (1/3) 38%
    – make evaluations (1/3) 33%
    – make ppt for the classes (31/90) 34%
    – make worksheets (30/90) 33%
    – make vocabulary sheets (3/90) 3%
  6. Poetry collection:
     Complete meta-data: Only a few links to add in June now. (98%)
    – Send to beta-reader 0/60 (0%)
    – Use beta’s feedback
    : 0/60 (0%)
    – Plan marketing:
    – Make a book trailer: I have some sort of storyboard. 10%
    – Publish the illustrated excerpts:
    0/23 (0%)
  7. Cruel Fairy Tales – second, enriched edition:
    Send to beta-readers : 4/13 (31%)
    Use beta-readers’ feedback: 5/39 (13%)
    Include more illustrations:  (0%)
    Finish new cover:  (100%) – Completed January, 6.
    Publish second edition planned for December 2019
    Plan the marketing: besides publishing extracts on social networks, I’ll get in touch with blogs and so on to talk about the book in the coming months. Which means I also need to:
    ~ Write a press release
    ~ Update the website page
    ~ Contact the book bloggers I know of that might be interested
    ~ Compile the illustrated extracts on the blog

    ~ Make a book trailer
    ~ Market 2nd edition
  8. Little Black Riding Hood (LBRH): on hiatus for now (but I keep thinking about it lately so probably back on the table once publications are well on their way. =D )
    – Write the intro: I decided to actually do that after the story is written. 20%
    Finish writing: 30/105 chapters  (29%)
    Reread and edit: 0/105 chapters (0%)
    Send to beta-readers: 1/15 (7%)
    Get their feedback and use it. 1/30 (3%)
    Prepare the ebook for self-publishing (80%)
    Work on the cover design:  15%
    Plan the marketing
    Make a book trailer
    Publish/submit it!
    Market the book.

6 réponses sur “#ROW80 – Round 1 – Check-in 5”

  1. Given what you have coming up, I’d say wedding and house stuff probably should be goals too. Maybe not writing goals, but we include all sorts of stuff in our posts too. You shouldn’t feel worried that you’re focusing on other things right now.

    Maybe you could ease your writing concerns by making a mini-list of a few plot points you need to think on and letting your subconscious mull them over during the day? Or using voice memos to record ideas while you « talk » with your daughter?

    1. You’re right, they are goals! I did not think of adding them here but maybe it would help after all. I’ll add them as side goals for next check-in. Though, to be honest, the wedding is in about 3 weeks so most of the preparations are done already. =)

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