#ROW80 – Round 2 – Final Check-in

ROW80 2019 – Round 2 – Final Check-in

Hi everyone!

In a recent post, I explained why I prefered self-publishing though I was not anti-traditional publishing. Turns out a publisher just opened submissions based on a cover design that really got me thinking. So I might submit a new text by the end of the year… We’ll see.

That being said, this is the last post of the Round, so time to assess my overall progress in terms of PASS/FAIL. In terms of how the Round went, I have mitigated feelings as my health kept bothering me. But the results are satisfying, which is what really matters.

How about you? How did Round 2/Quarter 2 treat you? Let me know in the comments. (If they work my host is giving me hell lately and you get an error message while most comments appear on my dashboard for validation…) I hope you’re well, wherever your are. ^^

Color code
Over 60%, I use various shades of green, 100% being this flashy green.
Purple is for projects that are currently on hiatus: dark purple means there’s still a lot to do while mauve is for projects that are well advanced.
Finally blue is for comments on my progress since I last checked in.
Hope you’ll enjoy these rainbow posts. 😉

Writing goals

  1. Story Time series (teaching guides): Lots of progress where I did work and I’m particularly happy about the first module of RWBY being almost finished. PASS
    * Goldilocks: on hiatus till I’m done with RWBY (season 1) and Bat & Friends.
    – review and edit the guide:  6/15 parts (27%)
    – compile the worksheets separately:  40/71 (56%)
    – compile the games separately: 6/20 (30%)
    – publish the flashcards, games (2 collections) and worksheets : 0/4 (0%)
    – publish the guide on Kindle (and maybe other platforms?)
    – submit it too
    * Bat and Friends: I’m hoping to make more progress next round by focusing on this after I’m done with Module 1 of RWBY.
    – make grammar & vocabulary worksheets (2 per episode) 38/144 (26%) 
    – adapt the mini-books: 19/72 (26%)
    – make tests 0/18 (0%)
    – write the lesson plans. 11/72 episodes (15%)
    – review and edit the guide. (0%)
    – publish on Kindle. (0%)
    * RWBY: hoping to finish the tests (only 2 left, including the final) before Round 3 starts.
    – make worksheets for module 1:  23/23 (100% – completed June 8)
    – make answer sheets: 0/23 (0%)
    – create tests for module 1: 4/6 (67%)
    – review each worksheet: 23/23 (100% – completed June 19)
    – create the online environment once I’m done with the worksheets. I decided this was more urgent than the guide as I use it with students who could benefit from having the material online. This goal will have several sub-tasks. Here are the first ones:
    ~ Create the folders for each lesson on the drive: 0/23 (0%)
    ~ Create the content maps and upload them: 0/24 (0%)
    ~ Make audio/video intros/guides and upload them; I actualy need to make a French version too, in case some students need them: 0/48 (0%)
    ~ Upload the worksheets: 0/23 (0%)
    ~ Make and upload the learning guides: 0/24 (0%)
    – write the teaching guide: 0/24 (0%)
  2. #52haikus2019 challenge: So far, all weekly haikus were posted on time, so PASS
  3. Japanese coursebooks: Module 1 is done and I’m moving forward with module 2, so another PASS.
    Hanashimashou: Currently working on lesson 34.
    – correct and revise lessons.  (33/90) 37%
    – make vocabulary sheets (33/90) 37%
    – make review sessions: (4.5/12) 37.5%
    – make oral evaluations: (4/12) 33%
    – create content maps for each lesson in module 1 :  30/30 (100% – completed May 19)
    – create content maps for each lesson in module 2 : 3/30 (10%)
    – create content maps for each lesson in module 3 : 0/30 (0%)
    – make ppt for the classes (33/90) 37%
    – make grammar and communication worksheets (33/90) 37%
    – Use Conquering the Content to turn module 1 into an online course: I’ll just evaluate this in term of how far I’ve got into the ebook: 143/221 (65%)
  4. Self-publish lesbian romance We Missed Each Other (Publishing goal 3/6 for 2019): Goal completed May 20 As the goal is completed, it’s obviously a PASS!
    revise: 100% (Completed April 14)
    illustrate extracts:  100% (completed April 4)
    share the extracts  3/3 (100% – completed May 19)
    decide whether to add an epilogue:  100% (Completed April 9)
    make an e-press release: 100% (Completed May 20)
    make the ebook: 100% (completed April 14)
    upload the ebook: 100% (completed April 14)
    publish (on June 2):  100% (completed April 19 with preorder)
  5. Poetry collection (publishing goal 4/6 for 2019): Almost done and right on schedule: PASS.
    Make a book trailer: 100% (completed April 19)
    – Publish the illustrated excerpts: 18/23 (78%)
    – Publish (available for pre-order and automatic release on July 31)  100% (Completed on May, 2)
  6. Everyday Haikus (Publishing goal 5/6 for 2019): DONE FOR THIS ROUND: PASS.
    revise & edit: 87/87 (100%) Completed April 14
    reorganize:  100% (Completed April 4)
    add haikus that fit the collection: 100% (Completed April 14)
    choose illustrations for each haiku: 87/87 (100%) Completed April 4
    add the translations: 87/87 (100%) Completed April 14
    add the illustrations to the file: 87/87 (100%) Completed April 14
    work on the layout100% (completed April 14)
    select extracts:  100% (Completed on April 29)
    write the text for the backcover:  100% (completed April 27)
    make the ebook100% (completed April 14)
    – make a book trailer: 100% (completed May 24)
    – plan the marketing 100% (Completed May 16)
    – upload the ebook
    – make an e-press release
    – publish (on October 6)
  7. Cruel Fairy Tales – second, enriched edition (publishing goal 6/6 for 2019): The beta-reading is still moving along regularly and I can give myself a PASS.
    Send to beta-readers: 21/42 (50%)
    Use beta-readers’ feedback: 18/42 (43%)
    Reorganize the collection: The beta-reading process is helping and I think I’ve got the order I want, but I’ll still discuss it with my beta-readers nce they’re done reading the content. (80%)
    Include more illustrations: Still waiting for the high-resolution pics (the artist is also a busy mom with a busy life, so no biggy, I know she’ll send them eventually) 13/13 chosen, 0/13 turned into covers and inserted (50%)
    Publish second edition planned for December 1st
    – Also publish an on-demand paper version: I decided to print two versions of books with illustrations from now on – 1 in color (a deluxe version if you will), 1 in black&white, because the color version is usually too expensive to my taste. I will do so for my other books, as soon as I figure how to link the color and black&white versions together on KDP.
    Plan the marketing: besides publishing extracts on social networks, I’ll get in touch with blogs and so on to talk about the book in the coming months. Which means I also need to:
    ~ Write a press release
    ~ Improve the back cover text
    ~ Update the website page
    ~ Contact the book bloggers I know of that might be interested
    ~ Share extracts as an Advent Calendar
    ~ Compile the illustrated extracts on the blog

    ~ Make a book trailer
    ~ Market 2nd edition
  8. Little Black Riding Hood (LBRH): on hiatus but I hope to start writing this again next round.
    – Write the intro: I decided to actually do that after the story is written. 20%
    Finish writing: 30/105 chapters  (29%)
    Reread and edit: 0/105 chapters (0%)
    Send to beta-readers: 1/15 (7%)
    Get their feedback and use it. 1/30 (3%)
    Prepare the ebook for self-publishing (80%)
    Work on the cover design:  15%
    Plan the marketing
    Make a book trailer
    Publish it!
    Market the book.

Personal goals

  1. House renovation & redesign: PASS: things are going slowly but steadily.
    x Get new windows. Planned for early August.
    x Get started on the parental suite upstairs
    (ceiling, walls, floor and adding the bathroom). More electricity done on Monday.
    x Get rid of what’s left of the fireplace
    now the chimney’s been removed. Done! 
    x Get started on the plumbing work
    (to install new toilets and a new sink which implies a lot of digging and connecting too). Busy contractor means some waiting but it should get started this summer.
  2. Unpacking & declustering: FAIL: I did some stuff but it was very little.
    Here my short-term goals are:
    x to clean and organize my office so that I feel better and more efficient when I work in it. Nothing lately.
    x to go Mari Kondo with my clothes and finally sort all this fabric! Not much.
    Anything else will have to wait until we’ve done more work in the house.
  3. Health quest: FAIL: though it’s not my fault obviously as the treatment just stopped working…
    Almost back to normal for now. But I don’t think I’m going to keep the workout goals next Round. Once again, I’ll have to wait for a solution before getting anything done.
    – Do the 10-minute Cindy Crawford warm-up daily. Since last check-in: 0/3 (0%)
    – Work on fixing the diastasis recti better daily too. Since last check-in : 0/3 (0%)
  4. Mental health quest: Writing about family estrangement and such, plus a lesbian romance for positive balance. PASS: I wrote about my family estrangement and I feel better about it. I’m more serene about other things too. And my first novel is coming along.
    To be fair, it’s mostly about the novel these days (now over 30,000 words) and it’s nice to see I can write on a daily basis. This is also a sign of better mental health.

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