#ROW80 – Round 2 – Check-in 6

ROW80 2019 – Round 2 – Check-in 6

Hi everyone!

I don’t know whether it’s the weather or tackling my health problems, but I’ve had a great week! =D

I even toyed with the idea of starting other things again (including my Youtube project) but decided against it because I’m afraid it might be too much after all. So I’ll keep focusing on the ones at hand for now and just write ideas for the rest. I guess wrapping up things makes me want to start new things, but I still have a lot to do so for now I should just be reaonable…

In terms of writing, I’m happy to report I feel more comfortable talking and writing about my family estrangement. And it got me writing again, and I really enjoy writing the bisexual romance on the side to balance my feelings.

How about you? Do you tend to want to do several projects or do you find it easy to keep your focus on one thing at a time? Let me know in the comments. 

Color code
Over 60%, I use various shades of green, 100% being this flashy green.
Purple is for projects that are currently on hiatus: dark purple means there’s still a lot to do while mauve is for projects that are well advanced.
Finally blue is for comments on my progress since I last checked in.
Hope you’ll enjoy these rainbow posts. 😉

Writing goals

  1. Story Time series (teaching guides):
    * Goldilocks: on hiatus till I’m done with RWBY (season 1) and Bat & Friends.
    – review and edit the guide:  6/15 parts (27%)
    – compile the worksheets separately:  40/71 (56%)
    – compile the games separately: 6/20 (30%)
    – publish the flashcards, games (2 collections) and worksheets : 0/4 (0%)
    – publish the guide on Kindle (and maybe other platforms?)
    – submit it too
    * Bat and Friends:
    – make grammar & vocabulary worksheets (2 per episode) 14/144 (10%) 
    – adapt the mini-books: 7/72 (10%)
    – make tests 0/18 (0%)
    – write the lesson plans. 11/72 episodes (15%)
    – review and edit the guide. (0%)
    – publish on Kindle. (0%)
    * RWBY:
    – make worksheets for module 1:  11/24 (46%)
    – create tests for module 1: 0/6 (0%)
    – write the teaching guide: 0/24 (0%)
  2. #52haikus2019 challenge: Here’s this week’s haiku. ^^

  3. Japanese coursebooks:
    Hanashimashou: 2 new lessons done yesterday.
    – correct and revise lessons.  (17/90) 19%
    – make vocabulary sheets (17/90) 19%
    – make review sessions: (4.5/12) 37.5%
    – make evaluations: (4/12) 33%
    – create content maps for each lesson in module 1 :  15/30 (50%)
    – make ppt for the classes (31/90) 34%
    – make grammar and communication worksheets (30/90) 33%
    – Use Conquering the Content to turn module 1 into an online course: I’ll just evaluate this in term of how far I’ve got into the ebook: 128/221 (57%)
  4. Self-publish lesbian romance We Missed Each Other (Publishing goal 3/6 for 2019): As it will be a reward for a contest in May, I’ve also made arrangements to deliver the ebook to its winner in the format they prefer (pdf or mobi, I could even send it to their Kindle directly). This should give the book some exposure right before it release date.
    revise: 100% (Completed April 14)
    illustrate extracts:  100% (completed April 4)
    – share the extracts (planned for May) 0/3 (0%)
    decide whether to add an epilogue:  100% (Completed April 9)
    – make an e-press release: planned for mid-May (along with the contest results).
    make the ebook: 100% (completed April 14)
    upload the ebook: 100% (completed April 14)
    – publish (on June 2): available for pre-order and will automatically be release on June 2nd 100% (completed April 19)
  5. Poetry collection (publishing goal 4/6 for 2019):
    – Make a book trailer: Both French and English versions are ready. ^^ 100% (completed April 19)
    – Publish the illustrated excerpts: 9/23 (39%)
    – Publish (on July 31) I uploaded the files and just need to set the publishing date and make the book available for pre-order in due time. 95%
  6. Everyday Haikus (Publishing goal 5/6 for 2019):
    revise & edit: 87/87 (100%) Completed April 14
    reorganize:  100% (Completed April 4)
    add haikus that fit the collection: 100% (Completed April 14)
    choose illustrations for each haiku: 87/87 (100%) Completed April 4
    add the translations: 87/87 (100%) Completed April 14
    add the illustrations to the file: 87/87 (100%) Completed April 14
    work on the layout100% (completed April 14)
    – select extracts
    – write the text for the backcover
    make the ebook100% (completed April 14)
    – make a book trailer: storyboard is made 10%
    – upload the ebook
    – make an e-press release
    – publish (on October 6)
  7. Cruel Fairy Tales – second, enriched edition (publishing goal 6/6 for 2019):
    Send to beta-readers: 10/42 (24%)
    Use beta-readers’ feedback: 8/42 (19%)
    Reorganize the collection: I’m not satisfied with the order now that there are more stories. I’ll do that after the beta-reading, so that I can ask for my beta-readers’ opinions. (0%)
    Include more illustrations: I’m thinking each story might get its own cover inside the book. Which means I need 14 illustrations. 0/14 (0%)
    Publish second edition planned for December 1st
    – Also publish an on-demand paper version
    Plan the marketing: besides publishing extracts on social networks, I’ll get in touch with blogs and so on to talk about the book in the coming months. Which means I also need to:
    ~ Write a press release
    ~ Improve the back cover text
    ~ Update the website page
    ~ Contact the book bloggers I know of that might be interested
    ~ Compile the illustrated extracts on the blog

    ~ Make a book trailer
    ~ Market 2nd edition
  8. Little Black Riding Hood (LBRH): on hiatus but I hope to start writing again this month. 
    – Write the intro: I decided to actually do that after the story is written. 20%
    Finish writing: 30/105 chapters  (29%)
    Reread and edit: 0/105 chapters (0%)
    Send to beta-readers: 1/15 (7%)
    Get their feedback and use it. 1/30 (3%)
    Prepare the ebook for self-publishing (80%)
    Work on the cover design:  15%
    Plan the marketing
    Make a book trailer
    Publish it!
    Market the book.

Personal goals

  1. House renovation & redesign:
    x Get new windows. The paperwork is done (we live close to a gothic collegial church and other heritage sites so any changes to the facade have to be approved) and the city officer told us the commission should meet soon. The maximum wait is two months anyway, so hopefully we’ll get good news by the end of the month.
    x Get started on the parental suite upstairs
    (ceiling, walls, floor and adding the bathroom). Yesterday, the material was bought and brought over. Tomorrow, the real work begins.
    x Get rid of what’s left of the fireplace
    now the chimney’s been removed. We thought to do it on Saturday but the schedule has changed and it probably won’t be possible after all.
    x Get started on the plumbing work
    (to install new toilets and a new sink which implies a lot of digging and connecting too). The contractors came and we got all quotes, so now we only need to plan with them to get started.
  2. Unpacking & declustering: No news on these goals but I did get started with the sorting of my girls’ numerous drawings. So far I sorted them by size and the idea is to bind them together as books which should be easier to store (and gives us an occasion for having a crafting activity once in a while ^^)
    Here my short-term goals are:
    x to clean and organize my office so that I feel better and more efficient when I work in it.
    x to go Mari Kondo with my clothes and finally sort all this fabric!
    Anything else will have to wait until we’ve done more work in the house.
  3. Health quest:
    So far, the new treatment is proving
  4. Mental health quest: most of the « scenes » are in the app I think, and I started organizing. For now it’s mostly ideas and raw writing about how I feel/felt. I find the process to be efficient in the sense that thinking and writing about the memories wears them out and make them less painful. I’m also less sad or angry when I revisit them, but I still feel pretty tense after a session.
    The romance is going well too, with the first chapter coming along (I always need more time for beginnings, then it tends to flow).

8 réponses sur “#ROW80 – Round 2 – Check-in 6”

  1. I like to have a few things on the go, bit have to keep a balance of how many. I want more than is comfortable, but not overwhelming.
    I like the idea of individual covers for the cruel fairy tales.

    1. I guess that’s how I work too : not staying in the comfort zone too long but not getting overwhelmed either. Well at least trying not to.

      Thanks for your comment. ^^

  2. I’ve tried only working on one project at a time, but my mind bounces around too much. But, I do struggle to focus when I have too many going at once, so I go back and forth on how much to have going at a time.

    I’m glad the writing is going well for you.

    1. Thanks Fallon.

      I can totally relate to that. Sometimes I feel I could add several projects, then a it later, it seems I was a bit greedy in my expectations.

  3. I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling well! The weather here has been either rainy or lovely, which makes me want to add a lot more on my plate that deals with outside things. to the point that it’s been distracting from my other goals a bit.

    Glad to see all the progress on the mental health front. Hopefully that makes everything else that much easier to tackle!

    1. It does! It’s een a while since I was that energetic and optimistic. It’s nice for a change. Putting the past behind is probably the best way to look forward. ^^

  4. I’m always in awe of your long list of commitments AND progress, as I do tend to focus on one major project at a time. Your poem connected with me today because spring has finally arrived here. We took a walk to our nearby pond to find that the yellow-headed blackbirds have edged out the red-wing blackbirds, a ‘taking possession of the land’ that happens every spring.

    1. Believe me, Beth, I sometimes wish I could focus on one project at a time! But there are so many things I want to work on I always feel bad if I do. You could say that’s the story of my life since even in my job I’ve always worn several caps at a time. But at least becoming aware of it has helped me in the way I organize things.
      Somehow I thinks that’s why I never even considered joining NaNoWriMo for instance. It implies focusing on only one thing and that’s just not me.

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